Police close Eastbourne home after ‘repeated’ anti-social behaviour complaints

An Eastbourne property has been closed by police after being ‘repeatedly’ highlighted due to anti-social behaviour.

Thursday, 14th October 2021, 9:55 am

Sussex Police said they have taken out a closure order on an address in Etchingham Road following ‘significant’ concerns raised around drugs, noise, damage and other issues coming from the flat.

A police spokesperson said, “This order has come after intensive efforts were made to find alternative ways to resolve these problems, however the nature of them meant that there was little other choice but to close the property down.”

This power, given to police under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, allows officers to ‘act quickly’ to protect victims and communities from properties that are causing nuisance or disorder.

Closure order notices on the Etchingham Road property. Picture from Sussex Police SUS-211014-092902001

Officers said the order has allowed police to remove all people from the property and take control of it to give residents a break from the issues that were being reported.

A magistrate heard the case on October 13 and was satisfied evidence obtained by Eastbourne Police was sufficient to allow a closure order to be granted.

Ed Faulkner, neighbourhood police sergeant for the area, said, “This action has not been taken lightly, and has been carefully considered balancing the needs of all residents as well as the landlord and others.

“However, the complaints that were being received demonstrated a persistent nuisance to nearby residents, many of whom were vulnerable, or who had young children.

A closure order notice on the Etchingham Road property. Picture from Sussex Police SUS-211014-092851001

“Sussex Police takes action whenever it can to resolve these matters, and we will not hesitate to take steps to make our communities safer and more pleasant for everyone.

“We also work in close partnership with all agencies to ensure that a joined-up approach is taken to issues such as these, and we explore every avenue and power to take the right action at the right time.”