One in two East Sussex smokers will die early, according to statistics


One in two East Sussex smokers will die early from tobacco related diseases, according to a new stop smoking campaign.

The ‘Be There Tomorrow’ campaign – launched today (Monday, September 2) – will air a television advert highlighting the special moments in life smokers are likely to miss out on due to dying early.



East Sussex has an estimated 62,000 smokers and the county council’s public health team is taking a county-wide approach in its support for the campaign.

Darrell Gale, director of public health for East Sussex County Council, said, “This campaign is based on a fact that is not well known among the public, one in every two long-term smokers will die early of a tobacco related disease. We’re saying it doesn’t have to be that way for smokers in East Sussex.

“We know most smokers want to quit but often put it off until it’s too late. We all know smoking kills but somehow we think it will kill other people, not us.”

Mr Gale said smokers are more likely to successfully quit if they use their local stop smoking service – which can be found in pharmacies and GP surgeries – and take up the free help and advice offered.

Sandy Goodey, 66 from Horam, has recently quit smoking using her local stop smoking service. She smoked on and off for 45 years and before she quit she was smoking around 20 cigarettes a day.

She said, “This was my third attempt to stop but this time was different, I had a bad chest infection and knew it wasn’t helping my asthma.

“I was sat in the GP surgery and saw cards advertising the stop smoking service. I thought, why am I doing this to myself? I don’t want to die early, and called straight away to book an appointment.

“I was spending about £250 a month on cigarettes and now I have much more money left over.

“I can walk better now and I am not out of breath. I have no intention of ever smoking again.”

The advert shows an empty home as answerphone messages play from loved ones desperate to speak to their dead relative to tell them about key moments they have missed. The advert will run for four weeks.

To find out more about quitting for good and to find local stop smoking services, visit