MP backs RE campaign for post-16 pupils

A CAMPAIGN to save Religious Education from being axed from the post 16 school curriculum is being backed by Eastbourne’s MP Stephen Lloyd.

The MP has spoken out against Michael Gove’s decision to omit RE from the list of key humanities subjects in the new English Baccalaureate qualification. He joins a host of celebrities, top academics, church leaders and MPs who have already signed up to support RE.ACT agenda.

The aim of the campaign RE.ACT: putting religious education at the heart of humanities, is to mobilise the Christian community to put pressure on Michael Gove to include GCSE RE in the English Baccalaureate curriculum.

The drive encourages people to sign up to the petition online at, and to write to their local MPs on Religious Education, asking them to convince the Government to rethink its strategy for the curriculum, making RE a priority once again.

Mr Lloyd said, “Religious Education is an academically rigorous subject with increasing popularity amongst pupils. I believe pupils who are able to study RE have a deeper understanding of world religions, an understanding of morality and a good sense of right and wrong. The rise of religious extremism around the world and in the UK means that a good understanding of all religions is vital to a well-rounded education. I am concerned that the Government is not currently recognising.”