Man’s 24-hour Seven Sisters charity run

A man ran for almost 24 hours straight across the Seven Sisters to raise money for a cancer charity.

Monday, 29th March 2021, 11:51 am
Darren Evans. SUS-210329-101751001
Darren Evans. SUS-210329-101751001

At 9am on March 25 Darren Evans, 54, started his trek back and forth between Birling Gap and Cuckmere Haven with the aim of running 120km, which is roughly the distance between Eastbourne and Southampton.

Mr Evans, from Seaford, completed the #twentyfoursevensisters run to raise awareness and funds for the Wolo Foundation, which supports families that are dealing with cancer.

Mr Evans said, “I am proud of the support for Wolo. Wolo means so much to me. They do amazing things helping people on their cancer journeys.

“It was just very emotional. Dan Lawson joined me for part of it as well last night. Dan Lawson is a GB ultra runner.”

At the time of writing, Mr Evans had raised more than £2,000 through the fundraising website.

Mr Evans said, “It was just trying to do something to raise awareness of Wolo and what they do.

“Trying to raise some donations for them because what they do is just amazing and they provide the practical, emotional support for families within and around Sussex.

“I just wanted to raise the profile of Wolo and the importance of running for fitness and mental health. Those were the main drivers really.”

Although the day started out well, Mr Evans said his task became more demanding as the sun set.

Mr Evans said, “The tough bit was overnight when you are just running with a head torch over those hills with the loose chalk.

“The concentration levels are pretty intense and then you start to hit a bit of a, they call it a wall when people run a marathon.

“So just getting through that is tough but that is where a couple of the support runners that I had kept me company.”

The running enthusiast also spoke of his appreciation for all the support he had received.

Mr Evans said, “When I was running back down to Birling Gap on the last leg my family and friends were there and my wife was there and my little boy was there and it was really quite emotional.”

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