Fox cubs rescued from Eastbourne garage

Four fox cubs have been found in a ‘derelict’ Eastbourne garage.

Wednesday, 11th March 2020, 4:48 pm
Fox cubs found in 'derelict' Eastbourne garage. Photograph: East Sussex WRAS

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service was called on Monday (March 9) afternoon when a resident in Upperton Gardens found and removed what they thought were three rats from the site.

Ollie Long and Julie Stafford of the service attended the call-out.

Mr Long said: “We were quite surprised when we were shown them, as we were expecting rats, not fox cubs.”

Fox cubs found in 'derelict' Eastbourne garage. Photograph: East Sussex WRAS

The pair transported the cubs to the wildlife service’s casualty centre in Whitesmith where lead casualty manager Katie Nunn Nash checked them over.

She said: “Their stomachs were very tight as if they might have a heavy parasite burden, and they weren’t the strongest of babies either, so we decided to keep them in and send the rescuers back down to check thoroughly for any more and to see what condition they were in.”

A fourth cub was found at the site underneath an old mattress.

Ms Nunn Nash, who took the cubs home to ensure they were fed and monitored overnight, added: “They are only a few days old and their eyes are not open yet. We have two girls and two boys. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they improve and go from strength to strength.”

The fourth fox cub found under a mattress at the 'derelict' garage. Photograph: East Sussex WRAS

According to East Sussex WRAS, the cubs are the first to be admitted to its casualty centre this year.