Family’s appeal for good samaritan who helped dying man at Pevensey service station a success

The family of a man who died in his van outside Starbucks in Pevensey Bay has found the good samaritans, who tried to help resucitate him, after making an appeal in the Herald. The good samaritans have been identified as three members of staff from Starbucks.

Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 1:06 pm
Christopher Smith died outside Starbucks in Pevensey service station

Christopher Smith, 51, from Southport, was seen on CCTV outside the A2559 Starbucks - Pevensey Service Station - on September 27 at 9am in the morning, according to his step-daughter, Emma-Louise Jackson.

Emma said, “He’s a windows and doors delivery driver and was working down in the south east. He stayed over in Hastings the previous night and had gone towards Eastbourne in the morning. He stopped at Starbucks before. At about 9.30am he got back into the van and I’m assuming he died inside.

“He was found in the van and resuscitation was attempted by a member of the public.”

Police attended the scene later in the day along with paramedics, who were unable to resuscitate Mr Smith.

Emma said, “We would like to say we appreciated the help the passer-by offered and would like to make contact and thank them.”

A SECAmb spokesperson said, “We were called to the incident at 12.20pm. Our crews were on scene quickly after receiving the call. Mr Smith was discovered collapsed in his vehicle. We understand a number of bystanders assisted the patient prior to our arrival. Thank you to the bystanders. They should be proud of their quick-thinking actions.

“We are sorry the outcome was not better in this instance despite everyones’ best efforts. Our thoughts are with the patient’s family.”