Eastbourne Police called after person with insulin is mistaken for drug user

Eastbourne Police were called to the Bandstand after a resident mistook a person taking insulin as a drug user.

Monday, 4th October 2021, 4:21 pm

Eastbourne Police were called to the Bandstand after a resident mistook a person taking insulin as a drug user.

The incident happened on Saturday, September 25 with police patrolling the area as part of Operation Blitz.

Operation Blitz aims to tackle anti-social behaviour in the town by targeting specific areas with help from the public.

Sussex Police on patrol in Eastbourne as part of Operation Blitz. Picture from Sussex Police SUS-210410-161543001

A Sussex Police spokesperson said, “This weekend’s Operation Blitz patrols were busy, and covered large parts of the town.

“Terminus Road was the focus of some of that activity, with particular attention paid to electric scooters and other anti-social behaviour that was being caused.

“The patrols were then extended onto Cambridge Road and Seaside as part of our regular look at this hotspot for reports of anti-social behaviour for us.”

Officers said they were also called to Holly Park in Hampden Park following a request from the fire service for support.

The incident involved ‘youths’ trying to set fires with aerosol cans, according to police.

The spokesperson added, “This prompted home visits, taking these youths home and speaking directly with parents about what happened.

“Police make good use of excellent support from the fire service with their arson reduction teams and fire setters intervention, and so it is likely that these young people will be referred to them.

“The bandstand also was patrolled on what was a pleasant Saturday night.

“Reports were made to officers about drug use, however it turned out to be an insulin user that was mistaken.

“We are always happy to receive reports and check them out, even if they turn out to be all above board.”

Police said the building site at the old Esperance Hospital was also reported to them because of ‘youths’ trying to get inside.

The spokesperson said, “No one was found on the site, but this has been reported to us several times and is somewhere we will be working with the site owners to ensure security is improved.

“Our patrols also took in Langney and the Royal Sussex Golf Club following further reports from members of the community.

“Nothing of note was identified in these locations but we were pleased to patrol them in any event.

“In a few weeks time we will be changing the way we complete these patrols further, this will mean that the patrols will start earlier at 5pm but also finish slightly earlier too at around 10.30pm.

“This is because of some research that was conducted around the peak times for anti-social behaviour that we deal with around Operation Blitz.”

Patrols currently take place on Fridays and Saturdays between 6pm–12am, residents can report anti-social behaviour directly to police on the ground via 07785 372050.

Outside of these times please continue to report anti-social behaviour to police online, or by calling 101.