Eastbourne mayor trains to become mentor for charity

The outgoing mayor for Eastbourne has trained to be a mentor for a charity helping young men.

Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 12:41 pm

Mayor Steve Wallis who ends his two mayoral terms with the appointment of Cllr Pat Rodohan tomorrow (May 19), attended an event by A Band of Brothers in June 2019. The group helps young men develop, improve their lives, and help the community they live in.

According to Eastbourne Borough Council, Cllr Wallis became ‘immediately inspired to become actively involved with the Eastbourne group’.

Since then, Cllr Wallis has taken part in community days and weekends in order to became a coordinator, and last year he completed his mentor training.

Cllr Wallis (right) with Daniel Turner SUS-210518-121727001

He said, “I now mentor young men, those on probation from prison and those older men who want to become mentors.

“When I saw the amazing work being done by A Band of Brothers in helping young men who want to change their lives and enabling them to lead a fulfilled life, I knew I had to get involved.”

The first young man Cllr Wallis mentored was 25-year-old Daniel Turner.

Daniel said, “When I have been bothered by something, Steve has been really good at making me see it in a different way and talked through my issues.

“He is a great friend and has always been available whenever I asked for his help.”

For more information about A Band of Brothers visit: abandofbrothers.org.uk/communities/eastbourne-community