Eastbourne groups commemorate anniversary of George Floyd’s murder

Two Eastbourne groups paid their respects on the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 4:07 pm

Eastbourne Stand Up To Racism and Challenge Racism Eastbourne came together after Stand Up To Racism’s national group and the Trades Union Congress called for commemorative events to be held across the country to commemorate the murder and to highlight what the groups call ‘the ongoing racial injustice’ here in the UK.

Supporters gathered for a George Floyd “Say Their Name’ memorial event in Princes Park on Saturday, May 22, where speakers told of their own experiences and the importance of continuing the fight to challenge racism.

A spokesperson from EBSUTR said supporters paid tribute to those in the UK who had lost their lives in a nine-minute silence.

Supports gather in Princes Park, Eastbourne for the George Floyd, 'Say Their Name’ memorial event. SUS-210526-155541001
Supports gather in Princes Park, Eastbourne for the George Floyd, 'Say Their Name’ memorial event. SUS-210526-155541001

On Tuesday, May 25 – the anniversary of Mr Floyds’s murder – there was also a gathering outside Eastbourne Town Hall as supporters took the knee for nine minutes and 29 seconds - the length of time police officer Derek Chauvin, the man found guilty of Mr Floyd’s murder, knelt on Mr Floyd’s neck.

A spokesperson from Challenge Racism said, “As a group our aim is to bring awareness to racism in our community and educate to make a change.

“We were truly moved by the overwhelming support that we received in Eastbourne last summer, and since the protest. However, as Derek Chauvin’s trial has demonstrated, accountability is a start but it is by no means the end.

“Reform is required before we can achieve justice.”

Supporters at the George Floyd 'Say Their Name' memorial event in Princes Park, Eastbourne. SUS-210526-162326001

Another spokesperson from the group said, “It is important to keep holding these events even after a tragic, needless death.

“We need to show that it is not acceptable for the awareness to only be raised, and portrayed in media, after another human being has been killed at the hands of the police.

“There is a far greater problem that must be addressed and that is the systemic racism we have seen for years.

“Even after apartheid people from black and ethnic minorities are still suffering, and that is just unacceptable and inexcusable.

“With each demonstration, awareness and support grows. That’s the positive change we need.”

Challenge Racism in Eastbourne was formed last year by the organisers of last summer’s Black Lives Matter event in Princes Park.

Eastbourne Stand up to Racism is a local branch of the national organisation that was formed earlier this year.