Eastbourne charity raises £4,500 for disability bikes

An Eastbourne charity that promotes cycling for people with disabilities has raised £4,500 at an event.

Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 4:50 pm

An Eastbourne charity that promotes cycling for people with disabilities has raised £4,500 at an event.

Wheels For All held an event at Eastbourne Sports Park by Cross Levels Way on September 19.

On the Just Giving website, a Wheels For All spokesperson said, “Since all the horrendous lockdowns our Wheels For All sessions have managed to grow, and now we are at a point where we really need more specialised adapted bikes, like two-seater trikes and wheelchair transporters.”

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Residents were invited to complete 30 laps of the 400m track between 9am and 9pm.

The 30 laps was recognition of the 30th anniversary of the inclusive cycle charity Cycling Projects, which helped set up Wheels For All more than six years ago.

Wheels For All manager Peter Bryant said, “The event went really well. Over 100 people came.

“It is really exciting. A lot of people turned up to do 30 laps of our 400 meter track.”

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Despite raising £4,500 at the event, the charity is aiming to buy a wheelchair transporter bike that can cost up to £7,000.

Mr Bryant said if they cannot get the transporter they will try to buy a two-seater trike which costs £5,000.

He said, “They are expensive machines but very vital.”

Mr Bryant explained that with a two-seater trike people have the option to steer, pedal or just be a passenger.

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He added, “It is hugely beneficial. We do deal with a huge variety of disabilities and a lot of them have had brain injuries or strokes.

“It is hugely beneficial for people with all disabilities.”

Wheels For All hosts sessions every Friday from 10am-2pm where people visit the track at Eastbourne Sports Park and pay to use the disability bikes.

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