Eastbourne activists join Extinction Rebellion protest in London

More than 20 Eastbourne activists joined global climate crisis movement, Extinction Rebellion, on the frontline of protests in London.

Tuesday, 15th October 2019, 5:25 pm
Sally Lee and her two children joined in peaceful protests in London

The protesters were involved in the blockading of the road outside Downing Street at the beginning of the first week, which started on October 8 and will continue for two weeks, according to an ER spokesperson.

An Eastbourne account assistant, business owner and protester, Sally Lee, from Old Town, said, “My day started with the school run and ended as a potential arrestee.

“I’m just a mum doing what’s best for her kids. That used to mean making sure they didn’t fall from a climbing frame or step out into the road. Now it means protesting against a system that is betraying them.”

Kira Hesse handing Stephen Lloyd MP his sapling

According to an ER spokesperson, protesters occupied both lanes of Whitehall between the Cenotaph and the Women of World War II Memorial despite swift action by police.

Also in the first week of action, activists presented every MP with a sapling to encourage the planting of a tree.

Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd received a sapling from Kira Hesse, 17, from Little Chelsea.

The BHASVIC student said, “Stephen quickly came to meet us at the ER tree planting event, He promised he would organise community tree planting in local parks and recs.

Extinction Rebellionâ¬"s October Rebellion, London 2019 Photography by Atticus Tayar SUS-191015-100545001

“The current government pledge is dire – it will negate just one hour of global carbon emissions. We need to take action to improve these figures, starting with lobbying MPs to pressure the government to act and not just talk.”

By the end of the first week of protests, according to an ER spokesperson, more than 1,300 people had been arrested after actions instigated by the group included an attempted takeover of London City Airport, a 30,000 people march along Oxford Street and a demonstration by doctors, nurses and medical students.

ER scientists also presented a petition signed by more than 300 scientists and environmentalists calling for non-violent protest to be maintained in the capital.

Extinction Rebellion has said its second week of action will focus on the City of London.

London, UK. 14 Oct, 2019. Extinction Rebellion protesters at BlackRock in London, UK. Credit: Vladimir Morozov/akxmedia. SUS-191015-100057001

“With no end in sight, the protests are shaping up to be the largest act of non-violent civil disobedience in history,” the spokesperson said.