East Sussex dog helps combat loneliness over Christmas

A Labradoodle called Bodhi is spreading Christmas cheer by visiting lonely people and delivering festive food.

Friday, 4th December 2020, 12:51 pm

Lynn Leeves is the owner of one-year-old Bodhi and brings her to work to brighten the days of her clients.

Lynn is a personal assistant and member of the Support and Confidence Scheme - run through Adult Social Care & Trading Standards. She provides support to people in and outside their home environments across East Sussex.

She said, “Since she was a pup she has come to work with me to visit many of the clients I support. It makes their day to see her, many of them show more pleasure in seeing Bodhi rather than seeing me.

Bodhi SUS-200412-105653001

“Due to many of the clients being on their own on Christmas Day I decided to take them round a lunch and offer some company.”

Bodhi will be joining Lynn on the Christmas day visits.

Lynn said, “A massive part of my work is continually endeavouring to reduce the loneliness and social isolation that some people sadly endure throughout the year.”

Lynn wants to combat loneliness with Bodhi and raise some money for charity – Care for the Carers .

bodhi SUS-200412-105725001

She said, “They are an incredible organisation that have supported and represented unpaid carers for over 30 years.

“Much of their work involves reducing loneliness, isolation and advice so no-one has to care alone.

“There are an estimated 102,000 carers in East Sussex alone, now including an additional 34,000 because of the pandemic.”

Anyone wanting to support Lynn and Bodhi can go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/projectkindnesswithbodhi

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