Dog ‘won’t stop bleeding’ after Staffordshire bull terrier attack in Eastbourne park

A dog has been bleeding constantly after its ear was almost bitten off by another dog in an Eastbourne park.

Monday, 11th November 2019, 1:09 pm
Angela with Pepi (left) and Pepi with her bandaged ear

Angela Brookman says her collie-cross Pepi was attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier which made a ‘beeline’ for her pet in Princes Park.

Now she has spent more than £1,000 in vet bills and the eight-year-old dog has had to undergo two operations since the incident on Thursday (November 7).

Mrs Brookman said she was walking Pepi at around 8.15am that day near the Oval – the same walk they do every day.

'There was blood everywhere' following the dog attack SUS-191111-124537001

“She was off the lead, she’s not interested in dogs at all and sticks with me,” the owner, of Hanover road, said, “There was a man with a bull terrier, grey and white, with a puppy.

“Pepi is very diplomatic, she keeps well out of the way of other dogs. Suddenly the staffie made a beeline for Pepi and attacked her.”

Mrs Brookman said the dog savaged Pepi’s ear. She said, The owner ran over and said ‘sorry, she was protecting her puppy’.

“We weren’t anywhere near them. There was blood everywhere at this point. “I had blood all over me. He said ‘I’ll take the dogs home and come back and help you’.”

Pepi is a peaceful dog who doesn't bother other canines, according to her owner SUS-191111-124547001

But Mrs Brookman, who was upset, said she didn’t know how he could help. She said, “So he said, ‘okay bye’ and left.

“I managed to get straight to the vets, I was banging on the window. It’s been constant since then, we’ve been going every day.

“3.30am this morning (Monday) I had to use first aid kit because the ear had come out of the bandaging and was bleeding heavily.

“This has never happened to me before. I was so upset. She’s such a dear dog that never bothers any other dog at all. It’s a shame.”

The 73-year-old said the man was tall, slim, and white and in his 40s and the dogs were both blue Staffordshire bull terriers (grey and white).

Mrs Brookman said what made the matter worse was only last month she and her husband had cancelled the pet insurance as it was too expensive.