‘Classy’...Eastbourne reacts to strip club news

The people of Eastbourne have laid bare their thoughts on a strip club opening in town.

Friday, 27th September 2019, 5:26 pm
Cardi B plays a stripper in new Hollywood movie Hustlers
Cardi B plays a stripper in new Hollywood movie Hustlers

Last night (Thursday, September 26), Eastbourne Borough Council’s licensing sub-committee approved proposals to open one above the Embassy nightclub in Pevensey Road.

Read the original story here: Eastbourne strip club plans approved

And readers were quick to take to the Herald Facebook page to air their views.

Tina Jenner wrote, “And I thought we were in the 21st century!”, and Hazel Coates asked, “How much lower can Eastbourne sink?”

In a similar vein, Jasper Wood said, “Have Eastbourne planners lost their minds!? What are they trying to turn Eastbourne into? [Disgusting] and utterly out of character.”

Amette Ley added, “Ok. If I don’t like it I needn’t go there. But it doesn’t exactly raise the tone of the town, does it? Can just imagine all the old men in there and how they’d behave.”

But Linda Trevor Hayler offered a different view. She said, “Its not always old men! There are all ages and ladies as well these days. Those images of dirty old men have long gone.”

Appearing to be looking on the bright side, Ricky Ring said, “Could have been another charity shop.”

And Rebecca-Lynne Day said, “I think it’s great, might liven town up a bit.”

Jeanette Hoath said, “Omg. Do some people not realise - if you have an issue with it - don’t go in. It’s not rocket science.

“I ran a pub in Hailsham and we had strip nights. They were all lovely girls, all who CHOSE to do it. They weren’t being exploited in any way.

“People are quick to bang on about women’s rights, but they also forget they have the right to chose to be a stripper.”