Calls for Eastbourne crossing to be fixed

A pedestrian crossing that’s been out of action for 18 months after a seafront hotel fire has still not been fixed.

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 3:59 pm

Robert Hamp owns a flat overlooking the Grand Parade crossing outside the Cavendish Hotel. Due to a fire 18 months ago at the Claremont Hotel the traffic lights for the crossing don’t work.

Mr Hamp said, “Currently people are putting their lives at risk when they cross here. They often cross half way and stand in the middle of the road, there is not even a traffic island, with cars passing either side of them.

“I am amazed that nothing has been done about it. I am sure that when a pedestrian is injured or killed at this point there will be repercussions because of East Sussex Highways inaction.”

Old people using the defunctional crossing. Photo from Robert Hamp. SUS-210806-092837001
Old people using the defunctional crossing. Photo from Robert Hamp. SUS-210806-092837001

Mr Hamp accepts that the hotel damage means the crossing can’t be reinstated in the exact same location, but argues a crossing close by or a traffic island in the middle of Grand Parade is ‘urgently needed’.

He said, “I am beginning to wonder what it takes for East Sussex Highways to take their duties and pedestrians lives seriously.”

In response to this issue, an East Sussex County Council spokesperson said, “Due to the scaffolding around the Claremont Hotel site it is difficult to install a temporary pedestrian crossing in this location. We are looking into options to enable pedestrians to cross safely opposite the pier.

“Signs are in place to direct pedestrians to the signal controlled crossing near the junction with Terminus Road but following concerns raised, we are arranging for additional signage and barriers to be installed so it is clearer to the public where they can cross safely.”

Narrow escape for a mother and child. Photo from Robert Hamp. SUS-210806-092857001
Lady with crutches makes a dash for it. Photo from Robert Hamp. SUS-210806-092847001