Pensioner smashes jaw in DGH car park

Jacqueline Carter SUS-140423-173723001
Jacqueline Carter SUS-140423-173723001
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A pensioner who tripped and fell on a man hole cover as she left the DGH disabled car park was left in such pain she could not sleep for a week.

Jacqueline Carter, 81, suffered a fractured jaw, a cut chin and severe bruising after the trip last year and has approached East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, for compensation after breaking her dentures during the fall and travel costs incurred during necessary repeat visits.

Her husband, 85-year-old Geoffrey Carter, said part of the replacement set had cost more than £300 but that the NHS trust did not accept blame.

He says he and his wife cannot afford to pay the legal costs necessary to take the matter further and have therefore been left out of pocket.

“I have been disgusted by the way my wife has been treated,” he said this week.

“She was in an awful lot of pain and did not sleep for a week afterwards. Replacing her dentures is expensive and we approached a no win, no fee law firm but they said they cannot proceed because the hospital told them where my wife was walking was not a walking path.

“It was the disabled car park. We can’t afford to risk hiring someone to take it further and not winning.”

Mrs Carter is now back to her former self but was left shaken by the fall but Mr Carter says the couple are frustrated they have not been treated more sympathetically by the NHS trust.

He added that despite the fact the pair were unlikely to be able to take the matter further, he felt it was important locals knew what happened, not least so they could keep an eye open and prevent a similar accident in the future.

A spokesman for the DGH said, “We cannot comment on the specifics of this case other than to say the matter is with the NHS Litigation Authority currently under investigation not yet resolved.”