Pensioner’s flat is still crawling with maggots

Alan Hawkins with some of the maggots
Alan Hawkins with some of the maggots

A PENSIONER’S flat is still crawling with maggots more than four months after the decaying body of a neighbour was removed.

Alan Hawkins, 82, is haunted daily by dozens of beige maggots and blue bottles which find their way into his sheltered flat in Carew Road.

Mr Hawkins, who moved to Raglan Housing Association’s Highland Lodge almost four years ago, says he struggles to sleep with worry as the fly larvae keep finding their way into his home.

He said, “They cannot climb into my bed but I just worry about what’s going on and how it’s going to end and nobody seems to give a damn. They’ve (Raglan) still not got rid of the maggots and blue bottles.

“They sent someone down to spray them. What they haven’t done is find the cause of the infestation.”

Mr Hawkins believes the flat above, where 68-year-old Ian Willmott died in September, cannot have been properly cleaned, despite Raglan letting out the property to new tenants.

Forty-three-year-old Michael Williams, who moved into Mr Willmott’s flat five weeks ago, said he is also plagued by flies who find their way into his food.

The former builder believes blood must have seeped through the carpet and into cracks in the floor where maggots must still be collecting.

He said, “At the end of the day Raglan should have made the flat so it was habitable. It’s negligence on their behalf.

“If we sit in the front room and eat anything flies come out and they land on whatever we are eating so we have to throw it away.”

Four months ago the Herald reported hundreds of maggots had infested Mr Hawkins’ flat after the heavily decomposing body of his neighbour was left to rot for days in the flat above.

Mr Hawkins had to step on the writhing mass when he needed the toilet in the morning and maggots often fell onto his lap when he was watching television.

Regional director for Raglan David Hall said, “We are very concerned this situation has arisen and have apologised for the inconvenience and distress suffered by the residents affected.

“We were assured by the pest control company that the flats were clear but when maggots reappeared they have returned to spray and monitor both properties.

“While the clearance and cleaning work is underway we are arranging alternative accommodation outside Highland Lodge for Mr Hawkins and the new residents in the flat above.”

Mr Hawkins was originally moved out of his flat for three months and given £577 in compensation by the housing association.

“The whole thing just shows how very badly a big firm can operate. They are supposed to look after their tenants,” added Mr Hawkins.