Pensioner ‘left in agony’

Pat Hobbs
Pat Hobbs

An Eastbourne resident said her Alzheimer’s sufferer mum was left in agony after staff at the home she was in failed to act properly when she had a break in her leg.

Elaine Allen said the problems with Coppice Care Nursing Centre in Willingdon Road started after her mum Pat Hobbs suffered a swollen ankle.

The Hampden Park resident said when she went to visit her nearly a week after being informed of the 84-year-old’s ailment, she could hear her mother crying out for help.

Mrs Allen said she was first contacted by the Bupa home on July 22 to inform her of her about the ankle and a doctor was called to take a look.

The 55-year-old said she was told the GP had thought it might be neurological and given the patient medication for nerve pain and asked the staff to call him if anything changed, but according to Mrs Allen, this was not done.

After recovering from a bad bout of asthma Mrs Allen went to visit her mother on July 28.

She said, “I went into the building in a panic because I could hear my mother calling out help which is something my mother never does. She’s very quiet and easy-going.”

She then went to put a quilt over her adding, “She absolutely yelled and to my shock and horror, her left ankle was twisted over to the left, it was very swollen and covered in bruises.”

Mrs Allen said she then argued with staff over calling an ambulance but they finally relented and contacted one, who came to take Mrs Hobbs to hospital.

There she was diagnosed with a displaced fracture of the tibia.

She added, “I’m gobsmacked that somebody can have a break when they are non-mobile and be left for this time without there being any feeling it was a problem.”

Mrs Allen said her mum was now in a new home and that social services had been in touch and an investigation was underway.

A spokesperson for East Sussex County Council said, “We cannot discuss the details of individual cases, but can confirm a safeguarding investigation is underway.”

Graham Brittain, Director for Bupa Lifestyle Homes, said, “Our residents’ welfare is our number one priority.

“We always share any concerns raised by relatives with the adult safeguarding team and we are co-operating fully with their enquiries.

“Once the facts are established we will be in a position to respond appropriately to ensure that the highest standards of care are maintained.”