Pensioner drove mobility scooter four miles before cliff plunge

A PENSIONER who drove his mobility scooter over Beachy Head on Sunday (August 5) had ridden four miles from his Langney home before plunging to his death.

Victor Newton, 81, lived in social housing in Langney with his seriously ill wife and recieved help from carers.

He took himself up to the clifftops in his mobility scooter - a four mile trip - to take his life at around 2.45pm.

Mr Newton was heard to repeatedly tell people he was tired before adding, ‘I just want to go’ moments before plunging over the sheer drop.

Social housing providers Saxon Weald, which runs the housing in Langney, paid tribute to Mr Newton and ecplained they would be provising extra support for his wife.

A spokesperson said, “We were extremely saddened to hear the news about Mr Newton’s death. Our scheme manager and the on-site care team are making sure that Mrs Newton receives the extra care and support she needs during this difficult time.

“We are also providing extra support and counselling to other residents who have been upset by this news.”

There were many people up on the clifftop enjoying the sunshine when Mr Newton went over Beachy Head on Sunday afternoon.

Two girls tried to reach out and grab him but they were unable to save him.