Penguins to march through Eastbourne town centre

Penguins will march through Eastbourne town centre on Saturday
Penguins will march through Eastbourne town centre on Saturday

A waddle of penguins is set to march through Eastbourne town centre this weekend.

The group will congregate at the bandstand with Greenpeace campaigners on Saturday (January 20) to raise awareness for the need to protect their Antarctic habitat.

After gathering for a photo at 11am, the campaigners dressed as penguins will march to Bankers Corner in Terminus Road where Eastbourne Greenpeace will spread awareness about the need for the Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary.

Evie Sier, a Greenpeace volunteer, said, “It is important we let the people of Eastbourne how they can help create the Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary – and by putting pressure on the UK Government we can help them make sure this happens”

“Without public pressure, the governments responsible for protecting the Antarctic Ocean will continue to fall short. In late 2017, the Commission failed to create a new sanctuary in the East Antarctic because of lobbying from the fishing industry.

“Greenpeace are campaigning in Eastbourne, and across the UK, to ensure the voices of ordinary people, concerned about the health of our planet, are heard above those of the industrial fishing industry.”

She added, “I hope people in our community help us make history. Sign the Greenpeace petition and join people around the world to create the world’s largest protected area.

“This is the launch of our campaign, so more events will be planned to raise awareness and collect signatures.”

The Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary would be the largest protected area on earth, covering 1.8 million square kilometres of ocean. It would be a safe haven for animals like penguins and whales which call the Weddell Sea home, and put the waters off limits to the industrial fishing vessels sucking up the tiny shrimp-like krill, on which Antarctic life relies.

The Antarctic Ocean Commission (CCAMLR - an international body which includes the UK government) will meet in October 2018 to decide whether the Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary should be created. The UK government, as a member of the Commission, will have a crucial say in whether this ocean sanctuary becomes a reality.

To find out more come to Eastbourne Greenpeace meetings, which are on the first Tuesday of the month at 8pm, at Vinyl Frontier, Grove Road, Eastbourne, or contact or 01323 723855.