NOTICE OF ELECTION: An election is to be held for two councillors in East Ward and will be held on Thursday August 2. As a result of an uncontested election the two candidates for north ward were duly elected without a contest. PTC welcome new members Cllr Ian V Buchanan Independent UKIP and Sue Griffiths Independent.

Friday, 20th July 2018, 6:00 am

SUMMER FAIR: The annual town community summer fair was a great success with thousands of residents in attendance. The event raised a grand total of £1027.55 for the Mayors Charity raising funds for vital medical equipment for the town’s doctor’s surgeries.

ADVICE SERVICE: Residents may be interested to know that NatWest bank have agreed to partner with PTC to bring an advice service on how to arrange and set up internet banking. Drop in surgeries have been arranged for Tuesdays July, 24 and 31 at Community House in the Pod room from 10am to noon. On July 24 a special presentation from the Air Ambulance will be in the Foyer of Community House from 10am to noon.

COUNCIL MEETING: The next council meeting will be on July 24, this will be a full council meeting held in the Anzac Room from 7.30pm.

MP SURGERIES: These will take place every other week, from 10am to noon at Community House, with Lloyd Russell-Moyle. The surgeries are on an appointment basis only, contact 01273 550121 or email [email protected]

FOOD BANK: The Mayor of Peacehaven is supporting the SCDA food bank which serves clients from Peacehaven and neighbouring towns. Peacehaven Town Council has set up a donation basket in the foyer of Community House.

CINEMA: The next film will be on September 19 with the showing of the Mumma Mia Here We Go Again. Tickets are available from the Information Office at £5.

SATURDAY MARKET: Tomorrow the market will be organised by Harlequins.

LITTER PICKING: Organised by the newly formed Clean Peacehaven volunteer group; E-mail cleanpeacehave [email protected] for details of the planned clean ups. Please see the Peacehaven Town Council website for further details.

NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN: Keep an eye out for consultation meetings on www.peacehaven or Peacehaven council Facebook page.

COMMUNITY CAFE: Now open six mornings, in the foyer, Community House, Meridian Centre. Tea, coffee, egg, bacon, sausage sandwiches and cooked breakfasts available. Run by local charities. Monday and Wednesday morning the community café is organised by Sussex Pet Rescue.

KNOW DEMENTIA: Memory Moments Cafe. Everyone welcome especially those with memory problems and their family supporter. Every Friday from 10am to 1pm, Anzac Room, Community House, Meridian Centre.

DEANS SENIOR TEA CLUB: The Deans Senior Tea Club provides free, weekly, social tea clubs with a mission to combat loneliness and isolation in older age. We run clubs in Telscombe, Kemp Town, Saltdean, Seaford and in January we launched our Peacehaven club in the Meridian Centre. It runs every Monday, 2pm to 4pm.

E-NEWS: Sign up to our online E-News magazine at http://www.peacehaven for monthly updates on what is happening within council and around the town. If you would like to advertise in our Enews, please email civicandmarketin [email protected]

MAYORS CHARITIES: The mayor will be raising funds this year for vital medical equipment for the town’s doctor’s surgeries.