Peace of mind for used car buyers

Nissan Cared4
Nissan Cared4

WHEN you’re buying a used car, it’s only natural to have a few worries.

What happens when it goes wrong; what if you don’t like it when you get home; what if you discover after a few weeks that the previous owner was in the habit of chain-smoking Havana cigars?

The Nissan Cared4 extended warranty scheme has been set up to eradicate just those kinds of worries and it’s available at most local dealers.

It really is all about peace of mind. About knowing that only the best cars make it onto their forecourt, because only the best cars qualify to be covered by Nissan Cared4.

All Cared4 vehicles will undergo:

1. A 90-point vehicle condition check

2. HPI/Experian finance and provenance checks

3. VMC mileage check

The results indicated in these checks are believed to be correct on the date and time they were supplied to the subscriber.

You get a minimum 12 months of Nissan-supported warranty, though many younger cars will keep the balance of their initial three-year warranty programme.

Either way, you can expect cover for all components up to 75,000 miles. There’s no limit on claims under the policy up to the purchase price of the car.

So what’s covered? Well, just about everything excluding the usual wear and tear items; the used car sales team at your local dealer can provide you with a comprehensive list.

What it boils down to, however, is that not only will they put right a major mechanical defect but they’ll also make sure that you get where you’re going with the minimum of inconvenience.

Whatever the car in question, it will have been subjected to a thorough, 90-point inspection by your local dealer’s qualified engineers, ensuring it’s presented in optimum condition.

The car in question will of course get a thorough service if it needs one and will have been carefully checked out for outstanding finance or a questionable accident history.

Also included as an additional benefit, if the vehicle is more than 2 years old at the time of purchase, is MOT Care which covers the cost of repairing, replacing or adjusting specific defective parts in the unlikely event that your car fails its next MOT.

You should refer to the Nissan CARED4 extended warranty and Nissan CARED4 MOT Care booklets, for full details of exclusions and limitations.

Nissan Cared4 provides confidence of a 30-days/1,000 miles vehicle exchange.

In the unlikely event that your vehicle has a demonstrable fault that cannot be resolved and the vehicle has covered no more than 1,000 miles from the date of purchase, and you are within 30 days of purchase then your vehicle will be replaced free of charge with a vehicle of a similar specification.

The Cared4 warranty applies to Nissan car sold through your local Nissan Cared4 dealer, provided it’s less than seven years old and has covered under 75,000 miles.

You’ll also receive free MOT tests for the duration of your ownership of the car, as well as test-failure insurance for the first one. Your dealer will undertake these.

They even promise to wash your car and provide a courtesy vehicle during scheduled services. Nissan want you to experience how owning a used car feels like owning a new one.

Cared4 provides Nissan roadside assistance, service and repair price match guarantee and a free courtesy car.

For more information contact Nissan on 01923-899930 or log on to