Pat thanked for her contribution to guiding movement

Pat, Sue and Rosemary
Pat, Sue and Rosemary

A Thanks Badge has been presented to Pat Lambie by Rosemary Dines, the Division Commissioner for Eastbourne, to thank her for all her work with the Division Guide Headquarters.

She was also given a limited edition crystal vase, which features an image of one of the founders of guiding.

Pat has been a huge part of Eastbourne guiding since 1960, when she became Guide Guider of the Beresford House School Guide Company. Subsequently, she held appointments as a Cadet Leader and a Ranger Leader, as Division Camp Adviser, and was also Division Commissioner for seven years.

It was while she was Division Commissioner in 1986 that she set up the Headquarters Management Committee, which was then able to deal with everything to do with the running and improvement of the premises and ensure it was not a financial drain on the Division. After her term as commissioner ended in 1993, she continued to serve on the committee.

Chairman Rosemary Dines told Pat the Division wanted to say a big thank you for all she has done for the division over the years.