Parkland head retires after 24 years at school

Stephen Gough with Parkland School pupils SUS-141223-084928001
Stephen Gough with Parkland School pupils SUS-141223-084928001

Parkland Junior School head Steve Gough retired at the end of term last week.

Mr Gough said the overwhelming majority of his 24 years at the school had been a delight and he had enjoyed working with enthusiastic and inquisitive children and supportive staff, parents and governors.

He said headteachers now had less day-to-day engagement with pupils and parents and the time had come to say goodbye.

“When I arrived at Parkland Junior in September 1990, the country’s Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher and a chap called Mr McGregor was Secretary of State for Education,” said Mr Gough.

“It was also the year in which Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. During this time I have survived six Ofsted inspections and am currently on my 12th Secretary of State for Education.

“Inevitably, the role of headteacher has changed significantly since the days when I was first appointed. The ‘modern’ day headteacher has to operate in an enhanced strategic role, be forensic in the interpretation of data and as a consequence withdraw from the ‘day-to-day’ engagement with pupils and parents. It is this ‘day-to-day’ engagement that provides me with the energy to bounce into school each morning and without it my job satisfaction is diminished. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that I have evolved into a round peg that no longer fits in a square hole.

“During my tenure the children have consistently been an absolute delight to work with and over the years each and every one of them has brought their own special character to the Parkland community. In return I hope we have provided them with a holistic education at a school in which they feel safe, valued and above all happy.”