Parking officials are firm over Terry Waite ticket

Parking officials have refused to back down after former Beirut hostage Terry Waite was landed with a parking ticket while visiting Eastbourne to give a talk.

Mr Waite has appealed against the parking ticket he was given after parking in a suspended bay outside the Lansdowne Hotel on November 26 before he gave a talk to members of the Ashridge Circle.

But East Sussex Council refused his appeal and a spokesperson said this week, “The person issuing the ticket wouldn’t have known who the car belonged to, but even if they had we do not discriminate in favour of anyone over, let’s say, local people.

“Our photos clearly show the car was parked right beside a ‘no parking’ sign, so we can’t understand why Mr Waite is objecting.”

There has been outrage among readers after the story broke in last week’s Herald and on the website.

Mr Waite said, “I will certainly think twice before returning to Eastbourne.

“The welcome I received at the theatre was warm and generous but the attitude of the authorities could not have been more bureaucratic. Residents have my sympathy.”