Parents take children out of Eastbourne school after ‘incident’

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A group of parents have pulled their children out of an Eastbourne school this morning (Wednesday) amid fears for their safety.

Several children from different year groups at Shinewater Primary School have been removed by their parents after an “incident” yesterday in which a child was reportedly attacking other pupils with chairs and a hockey stick.

Shinewater primary School SUS-160914-112016001

Shinewater primary School SUS-160914-112016001

So far almost 15 children have been removed from the school after their parents they say the child at the centre of the incident was allowed to return to school this morning.

The angry parents say the school did not inform them of the incident and when they tried to speak to officials this morning to get assurances their children would be safe, they were ignored.

One parent said, “The head and deputy head could not spare five minutes this morning to assure us that measures could be put in place to protect our children.

“So we have taken the extreme action of removing our children and will take them out again day after day until the school speaks to us and assures us our children are safe.”

Paul Dodd, interim head teacher at Shinewater Primary School, told the Herald this morning, “While we can’t discuss details of individual cases, any child who exhibits poor behaviour is dealt with swiftly and appropriately, and that has happened in this case.

“Unfortunately, I was not able to talk to the parents who asked to speak to me on Wednesday morning as I was interviewing other parents about this matter at the time.

“However, I will be calling all the parents who’ve contacted us about this incident to speak to them personally about what happened.

“I’d like to reassure all parents that poor behaviour is not tolerated in our school and that Shinewater provides a safe and nurturing environment for our children.”