Owner of ‘savaged’ cat’s thank you to hero

The owner of a cat, which was initially believed to have been mutilated by thugs but was actually involved in a car accident, has thanked the people who took her beloved pet to the vet.

Poor 11-year-old Honey, a tabby cat with a white chest, was hit by a car in Hampden Park and eventually had to be put down by Chase Vets in Seaside earlier this month.

Rumours were rife on Facebook that Honey had been mutilated. But Valerie Thompson said she found the cat after it had obviously been run over and took it to the vets.

Honey’s owner Margaret Blyth, who lives in Wadhurst Close with her three other cats, said she had spent days looking for her.

“She just went out one night and didn’t return,” said Mrs Blyth. “I just want to thank the person who found her and took her to the vets. It has all been very upsetting. I’d had her since she was an 18-month-old rescue cat.”