Owner horrified after her dog is savaged

Cocoa the dog is recovering at home
Cocoa the dog is recovering at home

A horrified dog owner whose pet was savaged during a late night attack said the animals responsible should be destroyed.

Denise Ross, of Victoria Drive, said she was taking her one-year-old whippet cross, Cocoa, outside to go to the toilet when two dogs entered the block of flats and attacked him in a communla passageway.

She said the Staffie pitbull cross dogs, which were off their leads, bit her hand and also went for Cocoa, leaving him with 14 puncture wounds.

She said, “It was pretty nasty. I’m frightened to take my dog out now, I’ve had to have my son come and stay with me.

“If my granddaughter had been with me she would have been killed. She had only just left.”

The incident happened on Saturday February 9 at around 9.30/9.45pm.

Mrs Ross contacted the police who spoke to her about the attack, but she was horrified when she found out the dogs would be returned to their owner.

She said the police had informed her the dogs had not been used as a weapon, but Mrs Ross, who said the family of the dogs who attacked Cocoa had offered to help pay the vet bills, believes the pair should have been put down.

She said, “I thought they were going to rip him to pieces. It was like something out of a horror film.

“He now doesn’t like going out. They had me on the floor, I was on my knees. It could have been far worse. Does someone have to die before these dogs are destroyed? They should be destroyed, both of them.”

Inspector Jane Batchelor said, “A woman suffered a bitten hand whilst intervening and defending her dog but our investigation has revealed that, whilst this was a nasty attack, there is insufficient evidence to prove which dog bit her. The police dog unit has assessed the Staffordshire bull terrier that was seized and do not believe it is a risk to anyone. It will be returned to its owner. We take all reports of dog attacks seriously and will fully investigate them.”