A DEPRESSED mum died after taking an overdose of tablets.

Anita Probyn, 47, from Elms Avenue, suffered a cardiac arrest brought about by high levels of the drug Venlaflaxine in her body.

On Tuesday an inquest was held at Eastbourne Magistrates Court.

Mrs Probyn died on February 29 at the DGH after being taken to the hospital by police following a suspected overdose.

The court heard Mrs Probyn suffered from depression and a muscular disease and was taking anti-depressants and pain killers to combat these conditions.

She was separated from husband, Andrew Probyn, who lives in Newhaven. He believed the overdose was an accident because she often lost track of how many tablets she had taken.

The day before the overdose she called her sister and cancelled a planned trip to London.

Her sister became worried when Mrs Probyn didn't call her back and asked police at Eastbourne to make a house call.

They arrived at her flat at around 1am and found her in a 'drowsy' condition.

PC Matthew Armstrong told the inquest, 'I could see something was not quite right.

'She was slurring her words and it was difficult to understand what she was saying.

'She also gave the impression of being upset and told us she suffered from a muscular disease and needed tablets to reduce the pain.'

Mrs Probyn was taken to the DGH where she later died.

Husband Andrew spoke to her before her death and was at the inquest, he said, 'She said to me she had only taken some extra pain-killers.

'Ocassionally if she was having a bad day she would take a sleeping tablet to go to sleep.

'She specifically told me she had not taken an overdose.

'She must have woken up again and thought to herself she hadn't taken her tablets.

'I specifically asked her if she had taken an overdose and she said no.'

Coroner Alan Craze reached an open verdict on her death.

He said, 'There is no question of a suicide verdict.

'We have to accept that is a possible scenario but there is no evidence to support this.'