“Over zealous” warden issues ticket to lifeboat volunteer

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AN “over zealous” parking warden has been criticised for giving a ticket to a lifeboat volunteer who was on call during the 999 Display at the Western Lawns at the weekend.

And parking enforcement bosses are also investigating after several members of the emergency services who were standing nearby said the warden was rude and insulting.

The incident happened towards the end of the 999 event on Sunday afternoon when a volunteer lifeboat crew member, who was on call, parked his Land Rover to the side of the entrance of the Western Lawns with a sign clearly stating he was on call and a crew member.

The warden issued a ticket and even when the lifeboat man offered to move the vehicle, the warden told him it was too late and was later abusive, allegedly calling emergency service workers a bunch of monkeys.

One bystander said, “I feel there was no call for this action by this enforcement officer and under the circumstances he could have either just asked the owner of the Land Rover to move or to accept he was part of the display and not issue the ticket.

“To be abusive when no one was in anyway abusive to him was unacceptable. They may have been angry about the ticket being issue but not abusive in anyway. The fact these lads do such a great service, most as volunteers, and this was such a mean act by this officer.”

A spokesperson at East Sussex County Council, which oversees the running of the parking enforcement scheme in Eastbourne, said, “One of our parking wardens found a vehicle parked in a pay and display bay without a ticket and, after ten minutes, issued a parking charge notice. We will be investigating the incident further.”