Outcry over '˜dangerous' Eastbourne road after town centre collision

A collision which saw a motorcyclist hospitalised has caused many to question the new layout of a busy town centre road.

Wednesday, 8th August 2018, 1:08 pm
Updated Friday, 31st August 2018, 5:24 pm
Road works in Gildredge Road (Photo by Jon Rigby)

Emergency services were called to the crash between a motorcyclist and car in Gildredge Road at about 8.45am on Tuesday (August 7), said Sussex Police.

The motorcyclist was reported to have suffered minor injuries, but the ambulance service confirmed he was taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton following the incident by Hyde Gardens.

The town centre was gridlocked in this area for some time, with Stagecoach saying its bus services were at a standstill.

(Photo by Jon Rigby)

Many readers posted their thoughts about the new layout of the road, which earlier this year had bus stops relocated to it and a new bus lane put in place in the midst of major works to improve the town centre.

Clare Emerson said on the Herald Facebook page, @eastbournenews, “Having the bus station on a main road through town was never going to be the best plan. It’s so dangerous! I’ve seen so many near misses. Needs to be like before. I hope everyone is okay.”

Tracy Roberts said, “I hope everyone involved is okay. Sadly I’m not surprised. I avoid Gildredge Road like the plague now – no one pays attention to the signs indicating bus lane/merging at lights (itself an issue).”

(Photo by Jon Rigby)

Sheila Robinson called the road an ‘accident waiting to happen’ and said, “I cannot see the bus lane working.”

While John Martin said, “Since putting the bus lane in Gildredge Road it has been a very dangerous road.”

Anne Whitehorn added, “It’s awful there with new ‘bus lane’ so dangerous, I’m not surprised there’s been an accident and hope no one has been seriously hurt.”

While Sandra Tatnell called for the whole area to be pedestrianised.

But a spokesperson for East Sussex Highways said there is no evidence the accident happened due to the road layout.

They said, “We are aware of the unfortunate incident involving a motorcyclist in Gildredge Road, but there is nothing to suggest the traffic management in place in the road was a factor.

“The current configuration of the road with the new bus lane is very similar to the layout that will be in place once the work on this scheme is complete.

“Before carrying out any road improvement scheme, a detailed assessment of the road is carried out to ensure the design is safe for road users and pedestrians.

“This scheme is aimed at improving conditions for pedestrians and creating a more attractive town centre which will attract more visitors and boost the local economy.”