Out in the Field: Yes, the rules DO apply to you

Why oh why do some people think that rules apply to everyone else but not them.

We’ve all met these kind of folk – the mindless morons who don’t see why they have to queue like everyone else and just push in, throw their rubbish on the ground instead of in the bin or think the 30mph speed limit doesn’t apply to them.

These people who seem to have an unjustified sense of entitlement, for want of a better phrase, get on my twig and what particularly annoys me is when they think they can jump red lights or worse still, that the flashing lights at level crossings don’t apply to them.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve slowed down to stop as the bell starts ringing and the lights flash to warn of the line gates coming down at Hampden Park or Pevensey and Westham and some eejit decides that the red lights don’t mean a jot to him or her and they shoot past me as the barrier dusts the roofs of their souped up vehicles.

Only last week I was in Dittons Road in Polegate where there are temporary traffic lights which decided to go red against me but that didn’t matter to the idiot behind, who overtook me with one hand on the steering wheel while the other made an obscene hand gesture at me.

That person would do well to remember that no one is above reproach and I do hope that message was conveyed in the hand gesture I made back at him.

As regular readers will know I do like the odd glass of bottled grapes of a Friday evening and last weekend my hostelry of choice was the Parkfield where I had a fabulous evening thanks to landlord Owen and his good lady Dionne.

Such a shame though that Hampden Park is in danger of losing its one and only remaining pub if Punch Taverns gets its way. It’s pubs like the Parkfield that are at the heart of the community.