Out In The Field: Quelle suprise avec Tesco!

Oh what a surprise. Tesco has got the green light to open in the old council offices in Grove Road and believe it or not it’s got the go-ahead to sell alcohol there too. But hang on a minute. How is the superstore’s bid to sell booze any different to the plea by Sultan Rahmani, who owns Kass opposite the railway station less than 200 yards away, which was turned down? The mind boggles. Especially when you think Kass is occupying what was once Thresher’s off-licence.

And while we’re on the subject of Tesco opening up, and correct me if I am wrong, but a little bird tells me the loading bay the supermarket giant plans to use in Grove Road is soon to become a bus stop, without a working Real Time bus information sign of course.

Having worked in many restaurants over the years I was always told that if a customer had a good meal they would tell five friends but if they had a bad experience they would tell 15 and you should always try and put right any wrongs. Perhaps that mantra could be taken up by staff at Seymoors in Sovereign Harbour who last Saturday afternoon apologised for “losing” our food order when I pointed out we had been waiting for almost an hour. Yes, there was an apology but no offer of a free cuppa or glass of vino to recompense which would have certainly helped me keep my rather large mouth firmly shut.

My trip down Memory Lane continues and I must thank all those who contacted me to say that yes there was indeed a Sainsbury’s in Cornfield Road way back when before the Arndale Centre was even a twinkle in an architect’s eye.

Richard Harvey, Angie Maynard and Dave Poole can remember Sainsbury’s having a store there as well as where Argos is which opened in the early 1950s and was the first “supermarket” in the town.