OUT IN THE FIELD COLUMN: Tragedy of little boys’ death at clifftop

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Exactly what went on behind the closed doors of the Twickenham family home, where a mother was found stabbed to death this week while her husband and their two young sons plunged to their death from cliffs at Birling Gap, will take some time to unravel. The family has yet to be formally identified but the plight of these two little boys – one ten and the other just seven – has touched the hearts of so many people not just locally where most people know what a lonely and frightening place Birling Gap is, but across the country. What was going through their poor little minds as they fell to their deaths just doesn’t bear thinking about. It was a hard night for all concerned, their devastated family first of course but also those at Birling Gap including the member of the public who discovered three bodies on the beach, medics, police officers and coastguard teams who will no doubt struggle to forget the scene they were met with that afternoon.