OUT IN THE FIELD: You say '˜Langley', I say '˜Langney'

There are many things that set my teeth on edge '“ fingernails scraping down a blackboard, somebody eating an apple or packet of crisps within a mile radius of me and worst of all, people who call Langney '˜Langley'.

Saturday, 15th April 2017, 6:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 8:21 pm
Manor Gardens, scene of the annual egg hunt

But it seems those people are not as ill-informed as I first thought.

I am reliably informed that Langney Point was originally Langley Point in days gone by and that in fact the area north of Priory Road was Langney but south was known as Langley and there are maps to prove it.

Perhaps some of those folk who are such a mine of information on the Eastbourne Facebook nostalgia groups could help solve the mystery.

As predicted last week, Eastbourne Borough Council has now signed a deal to open the new Princes Park Cafe. Following rigorous checks etc, we are told, the contract has been given to Jazzco, which runs hair salons, barber shops and Rumblebellys, to operate the eatery after a planned arrangement with the University of Brighton fell through when the uni pulled out at the eleventh hour.

The architects are in and kitting out will begin soon with an anticipated opening date sometime in May.

I must give a mention to Absolute Angels, a group of volunteers who give up their own time every Thursday night giving out goodies such as toiletries, clothes, food, sleeping bags etc to the town’s homeless and vulnerable people living on the streets now that the Winter Night Shelter has closed its doors until December 1.

The eight volunteers and their therapy dog Henry can be seen with their trollies in the town centre and they fund everything themselves.

The group now has their own Facebook page called Absolute Angels, so if anyone interested in donating items please contact them.

Last week I wrote at the sadness of one pub being pulled down and this week news reaching me of another closing its doors but this time for a complete refurbishment: The Seven Sisters Pub in Lower Willingdon.

Last year, after 23 years as the longest-serving pub landlord in the Eastbourne area, Keith Abbott decided to retire and the hostelry has been sold and closed last week for a major refit.

I look forward to its unveiling in a few weeks’ time and only hope that the lovely Claire Carpenter, who was very much part of the fixtures and fittings for the last seven years with her lovely cheery smile and welcome, will be back behind the bar of the community pub.

Finally, this week Happy Easter one and all. If you are at a loose end on Easter Monday and fancy an egg hunt the annual event is taking place in Manor Gardens.

Meet at the Hermitage between 10am and noon for some traditional fun and games and an Easter egg hunt. All money raised goes towards the upkeep of the lovely Manor Gardens and Gildredge Park.

Whatever you’re doing over the break, enjoy it and hopefully there will be some lovely sunshine too.