OUT IN THE FIELD: Nicky from the Taurus and changes to town centre parking rules

Having spent the last week in the Mediterranean, it was sadly ironic that I found out about the death of popular restaurant owner Nicky Antonis '“ Nicky from the Taurus '“ as I was about to board a flight back to Blighty from his native Cyprus. Everyone knew Nicky when he was at the Taurus which was THE place to go during his 40 plus years front of house. He was a colourful character, always smiling and well known for his personal service to his customers who became his friends. He would remember minute details. As a youngster, the Taurus was a real treat for me and I marvelled at the famous sweet trolley groaning under the weight of fresh gateaux. Lots of people will recall that if their parents went there without their children, Nicky would send home a piece of gateau in a box for his customers' offspring. I can still see him now: standing at the counter leading to the kitchen reeling off orders in his own charismatic style. 'I want the best steak you have in the kitchen for my lovely friend,' he would say. I remember his old pal and former police officer Peter Hunt saying to me some years ago after Nicky had retired that if only we could find a 20 something with basic catering skills so a group of old Taurus customers could support and advise him or her in moulding him into another Nicky: such a person would have a wonderful career ahead.

Thursday, 17th May 2018, 2:48 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:30 am

If you find yourself on the seafront over the next four weeks, do check out some of the fantastic photographs adorning the walls of the Da Vinci Hotel in Howard Square as part of the Eastbourne Photographic Society’s annual exhibition. The photos are on display from 10am-4pm every day and there are always some lovely local images crying out to be bought.

Staying on the photographic theme, this month sees the launch of the Terry Connolly Young Photographer of the Year competition. Terry was a hugely popular photographer on the Herald for many years and there aren’t many incidents or events that he didn’t cover locally. Besides having newspaper ink running through his veins, Terry supported budding young photographers and would do anything to help them flourish. With that in mind – and since his death last year – Terry’s family and the Herald have got together to launch the annual Terry Connolly Young Photographer of the Year competition culminating in a presentation later this year. It’s for 16-24-year-olds who are keen on photography and full details can be found on page three or online.

I see the county council is at it again: consulting on changing the parking regulations in some town centre roads. Making some streets four hour maximum stay zones is just going to increase the flow of traffic and make it far more dangerous for Eastbourne College pupils to move around. Also where on earth do they expect people who work in town to park? Staff will park further out causing problems in Lower Meads and then they can put in parking restrictions there too. Sounds like a good money spinner.