OUT IN THE FIELD: More nice people in the world than nasty ones

Our story about the heartless ratbags stealing charity boxes from a fish and chip shop would make most people's blood boil but it's important to remember there are more nice people in the world than nasty ones.

Saturday, 20th May 2017, 6:00 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:43 pm
A car transporter parked on the pavement in Courtlands Road forced a disabled person into the road

A lovely example of that can be seen on the Old Town Facebook page and was posted by Rosalind Marsh on Tuesday night in a bid to find out who had come to the aid of her son when he was taken poorly earlier in the day on the 1A bus as he headed to an orthodontist appointment at the Harbour.

Rosalind writes, “A lady, possibly in her 50s got on either at the Co-op or Green Street Surgery, realised he was poorly, looked after him and took him into McDonald’s to buy him a sugary drink. She sat with him and then they caught the 2.38pm loop bus to Asda where after making sure he was okay, parted company. I don’t know much about the lady apart from she was either a nurse/carer and had either been to the chiropodist or was on her way there.”

The family would like to thank the lady properly so if it was you, please get in touch with us at the Herald on Eastbourne 414482 during office hours and we can pass your details on.

Election 2017 is less than three weeks away and if you are planning to vote, you must be registered by Monday. I know I sound like a broken record but please vote. For a start, women chained themselves to railings so that us ladies could have the vote. And you wouldn’t believe the number of people I spoke to in the weeks following the last General Election who thought they didn’t need to make it to the ballot box and could have quite happily kicked themselves afterwards. If you don’t vote, you can’t moan.

Where’s a parking warden when you need one? Lorries transporting cars and parking on the pavements of Roselands roads to deliver them is becoming a huge problem in the area.

The photo here from the Roselands/Bridgemere Action Group shows how one rider of a disabled scooter had to go out into the road to get round the lorry parked all over the pavement.

Last week it was a mother and a child in a buggy that were forced out into the road. I don’t exactly know how the problem can be solved in the area but it’s absolutely an accident waiting to happen.

Lots of birthday shout outs this week. Firstly the lovely Claire Blacklaws turned 40 on Wednesday, Ryan Williams is celebrating his 50th with a trip to Jordan, the gorgeous Sandra Farmer gets the birthday bumps on Monday and last but not least, my partner in crime and work and photographer extraordinaire Mark Dimmock edges closer to three score years on Tuesday. Happy birthday one and all.

And there’s more in the Hatches, Matches and Dispatches roll call, too, with the arrival of daughter number three for James and Lynne Hopkins.

Amelie arrived in the world safe and well on Tuesday morning. Congratulations.