Other candidates standing in Eastbourne council elections

There are other candidates standing in the Eastbourne council elections on Thursday May 2 alongside the major three – Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem.

Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 4:33 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 4:37 pm
A ballot box containing votes from local elections. Picture: Malcolm Wells

UKIP is fielding candidates in some wards along with the Green Party and there is also one independent candidate and a candidate for the Social Democratic Party.

The Greens are fielding one candidate in Devonshire ward, one in Meads, one in Old Town and one in Upperton – Linda Wintle, Dorothy Forsyth, Jo Henderson and Alex Hough.

UKIP’s fielding Ian Garbutt as a candidate in Langney, Christopher Holloway in Meads, Colin Horscroft in St Anthony’s and Amanda Sheehan in Upperton.

Eastbourne Green Party SUS-190416-143616001

In Upperton Alex Hough is standing for the Green Party.

Alex has represented Upperton previously on Eastbourne Borough Council and says she particularly enjoyed the casework and is still advocating for several disabled residents. She has lived locally for 18 years and is a chartered physiotherapist who has worked at Eastbourne DGH as well as in Brighton. She now works as a freelance lecturer. Having a professional interest in breathing problems, Alex says she is concerned about the issues around Eastbourne‘s air quality as well as traffic, parking and local housing needs. She is active within the Eastbourne Community Land Trust seeking to build affordable homes for local people.

Jo Henderson is standing in Old Town and has been a Green Party councillor on Norwich City Council for eight years. She only left that position due to her recent relocation to Eastbourne. Jo served with up to 14 other Green councillors and sat on a variety of committees. Having worked with people with housing and care needs she says she feels able to understand many of the issues faced by more senior citizens and would work to represent them. She says she has worked with councillors on a range of issues including road safety, recycling and antisocial behaviour and will “be able to use her wealth of experience for the benefit of Old Town and Eastbourne”.

In Meads Dorothy Forsyth is standing for the Greens.

Eastbourne Green Party SUS-190416-143716001

A former social worker for physically handicapped and elderly people for 25 years in London, Dorothy has lived in Eastbourne for 14 years and become active in Eastbourne Friends of the Earth, Eastbourne U3A and Meads Community Association. She said, “I am keen that we improve the air quality in Meads and would like to see the council build more affordable housing. I would like to see our pavements improved to make walking safer particularly for older people. A Green councillor elected could help make some of these things happen.”

No details have been supplied for Linda Wintle in Devonshire and no information has been forthcoming from UKIP candidates.

Standing as an independent in St Anthony’s is Stephen Halbhuber, a long time resident and worker in the ward for more than 25 years. Stephen is the event organiser for Eastbourne Pride and secretary for local charity BourneOut, He also runs a local youth group for kids aged seven to 18-year-olds and sits on a panel for equality and diversity with the new merger of Eastbourne and Lewes councils. Stephen said, “I believe it’s time for positive, problem solving for the communities we live in. I have energy and enthusiasm to put into the issues we face in our neighbourhoods to try and get them sorted out. Eastbourne is my home town and I feel passionate about it like most residents, and if you want change to happen you have to stand up and be counted.”

Sally Kitchen is standing for the Social Democratic Party in Old Town.


Sally says, “Talking to residents in Old Town it is clear everyone agrees local issues are being ignored. People are fed up with national party politics and ground down by a feeling of powerless. Yet they are also united behind the desire to live in a thriving community. The people of Old Town know what changes need to happen in order to reinvigorate the place we all live in and it is time the community is heard. For me, community lies at the heart of where we live; it is a place where we feel safe, know our neighbours and look after each other. That is why I joined the SPD - a true centrist party, based on common sense policies in support of communities and families. It seeks to strengthen the bonds that unite us for the common good. If elected, as a Social Democrat I will work to create community hubs to bring all age groups together to socialise, learn new skills, exchange information and strengthen community bonds. I will also prioritise safety by working for 20 mph speed limits near schools and residential streets as well as solutions to reduce high levels of air pollution.”

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