Original glass merchant dies

Ken Billinness
Ken Billinness

One of Eastbourne’s original glass merchants has passed away.

Kenneth Billenness died on March 23. He had been in a care home with dementia for 21 months.

Kenneth, along with his brother’s Victor and Gordon worked at JB Glass in Junction Road.

Established by their grandfather Joseph Billenness it went down through the family to his sons Herbert and William, then passed down to the next generation, namely Victor Gordon and Ken.

At one time there were only three glass merchants in Eastbourne, Shaws, Clark & Eaton and JB Glass.

Ken worked a lot on leadlights which he loved doing.

He also served in the Military Police, having being conscripted at the age of 18.

He got married at 20 to Beryl, whom he had been courting since he was 16 and who herself came from the old Eastbourne family of Erridges.

They have two daughters Lesley and Stephanie and a son Richard who died aged 29.