Would you rather leave the Wish Tower site empty this season?

It’s not been the best 12 months for the Wish Tower.

Over the past year this focal point along Eastbourne’s seafront has come under the spotlight following the swiftdemolition of a restaurant which had gone to seed.

Many were critical over the need to demolish the building than save it.

Now critics are rounding on the news that an American-style Airstream cafe is to take up residency before a permanent eatery is built.

One has to have sympathy for the council with this as it seeks to provide solutions to the Wish Tower site when it is having to cut is own budgets left, right and centre.

The council has stumped up £36,000 for the trailer unit which will be in place this weekend.

Critics have described the design of the eatery as a “garish and shiny blot on the landscape”.

To be fair, the trailer wouldn’t win any design awards, but then to the critics the question is: would you rather leave the site empty over the summer season?

Surely that would be a foolhardy move when the temporary cafe will bring in a valuable revenue stream.

Whether that revenue will match the considerable initial outlay at the end of the tourism season will be an interesting question.

In the meantime, here is a laudable, temporary solution to the Wish Tower which carries a realistic, longer term solution.