Woodpeckers are a bundle of joy

Hedgehog, with nose removed
Hedgehog, with nose removed

Thank you to Euro Self Drive of Westham who have very kindly donated the use of a minibus to support fundraiser Karen Breese and nine friends undertaking the Three Peaks Challenge at the end of June in aid of East Sussex WRAS.

Please support them by donating at www.justgiving.com/4challenges4wildlife.

We have had a wild week. Including me spending another night down on Seaford Beach watching over Trevor the seal. He then decided to move to Brighton Marina and then on to Selsey and Pagham Harbour.

His moult is quite far through now and every day you can see significant changes. He is also getting livelier as his lethargy subsides.

Our orphan rearing team have been working hard this week feeding our blackbirds, robins, dunnocks, crows, as well as an array of young pigeons and doves. Joining them this week has also been an amazing young tawny owl, he was found in a garden away from any trees at Chiddingly. He was also very underweight and at first there were concerns about his eye sight but at such a young age their sight is not brilliant anyway.

We have also had a little lone pheasant chick come in we don’t have any others for it to go with so will probably have to pass this one over to another rescue centre as they always do better in groups learning off each other.

We have had two young jackdaws come in after falling down a chimney in Hailsham. They are too young to be released and clearly the nest in the chimney was not strong enough to hold them.

A nest of woodpeckers came in for care after a piece of woodland was cleared and their nest destroyed. Thankfully one of the workers took pity on them and picked them up and called us for help. There was no way of putting them back or leaving them safely so they have now come in for care too. There are five of them and they have been a bundle of joy at the centre making everyone smile.

The orphan team have also been reading an amazing nest of tits too.

Please, please, please check the undergrowth and long grass before mowing and strimming your garden. I know we mentioned this only a few weeks ago but we have had yet another injured hedgehog came in for care as a result of such an injury.

A little female hedgehog came in with the end of her nose removed. Amazingly the injury was not fresh and she is still able to breathe.