Why should schools be different from the private sector?

Once again, it seemed we were caught out by the ferocity of the winter blizzard which hit the town earlier this week.

It was no surprise that almost every school chose to close for the day on Tuesday – although ironically, by mid-afternoon, the sun was shining and the snow thawing.

Interestingly, many schools shut not necessarily through access issues, nor because children couldn’t get to class, but because staff who lived some distance away could not get in, which would leave pupil-teacher ratios dangerously stretched.

Naturally, this has given comparison to private business. There are many tales of employees booking into nearby hotels on Monday evening and not travelling home for fear of not making work in the morning. Should not the same principles apply for schools?

It was interesting that many private schools in East Sussex remained open. They can’t afford to let down their paying pupils.

It would be nice if teachers lived locally. While one understands the issue of having enough teachers to cover a class, shouldn’t there be provision or cover?

For example, could the county council, the teachers’ employers, not allow for deployment to a local school if they could not make their place of employment? What about better forward planning and allowing for staff to stay locally overnight?

It’s what the private sector has to do to survive.