What has happened to Eastbourne’s Under Ground Theatre?

Under Ground Theatre Eastbourne SUS-151109-104952001
Under Ground Theatre Eastbourne SUS-151109-104952001

From: Mr R Harris

Brodrick Road

What has happened to the Under Ground Theatre?

I’ve been a keen follower of the many events at the Under Ground Theatre, many of which were free, including Saturday morning music, an open mic night for up and coming artists, a computer clinic, board games morning for those not addicted to games machines, and art exhibitions for local artists to display their work.

Add to this top musicians from the jazz and classical scene, dance classes, film shows, all run by a team of dedicated volunteers.

So it was with much sadness to learn the contract to run the theatre was lost to an organisation called PIE who in their bid to secure the contract stated they would run events like before and extra for the local people.

Now, over a year later, there appears to be nothing advertised for future events and the theatre seems to still be closed.