West Rise Marsh is Eastbourne’s last wilderness

sunset on West Rise marsh''David Ford''Canon 20D SUS-150330-092043001
sunset on West Rise marsh''David Ford''Canon 20D SUS-150330-092043001

From: Roger & Liz Charlwood

Beachy Head Road

West Rise Marsh at Langney is of vital importance to the town, it truly is our last wilderness.

It is a haven for wildlife, an important breeding area for many species of birds, amphibians and invertebrates and a resting and feeding area for migratory birds as well as many plant species. Great Crested Grebes nest there, they require an open undisturbed expanse of water and reedy areas all year round, they area protected species, it is illegal to harm or disturb them.

The area is leased from our council by West Rise School, who use it for educational purposes and outdoor lessons. It is so important that our youngsters learn about wildlife and conservation what a wonderful asset for them.

We sincerely hope that our council with their appalling record of designating nature reserves within planning applications for developments and then letting them be developed.

The prime example being the Sovereign Harbour development where a considerable area of unique shingle habitat was designated where is this area now, all built up!

We sincerely hope that in this instance the Council will act responsibly and not allow any form of commercial activity at Langney Rise Marsh.

Can we now rely on our council to do the right thing and to prove they are conservation minded?