We were ignored by Eastbourne Borough Council

From: Mr Aviet, the Gallinis, Tim Dowding, Barbara McKeown the Halliwells and Craig Baker.Northbourne Road

Friday, 5th October 2018, 8:57 am
Updated Friday, 5th October 2018, 9:59 am

In May 2017 an application was submitted to the council to build a house in the bottom of the garden of 60 Northbourne Road.

The residents wrote their objections to the council.

Two residents (one being myself contacted our three ward councillors) David Tutt, Gill Mattock and Dean Sabri to ask for help and support to stop the house being built.

After a few weeks of no reply we emailed again.

I also contacted Stephen Lloyd to see if he could encourage them to reply and asked Peter Finnis about councillors not responding to residents.

They still never replied. The plans were refused.

The applicant re submitted this year.

We knew there was no point asking councillors for help and plans were refused again.

And a month ish later plans re submitted with more changes.

The residents again objected.

The council’s planning meeting was a complete shambles.

Four residents from the street numbers 58, 54, 48 and 44 were offered to speak at the meeting, so all prepared speeches, only to turn up on the night and be told the letters were issued by mistake and normally only one person can talk but they allowed two.

The person presenting plans to other councillors was actually still giving them wrong information eg explaining how the garage in the pictures was being pulled down.

Which was actually not his garage!

The garage belongs to Number 58 and is not the garage related to the property of number 60.

The plans were passed as the chair said they would not affect anyone.

No-one can work out and are in shock, had the committee not read all the letters of objection and heard about the issues from the people at the meeting.

When I contacted Councillor Colin Belsey after the result of the meeting he spoke to a fellow councillor about it and I think he looked it up and could not believe it was passed when so much objections and had previously been refused he could also not believe the ward councillors did nothing.

Is it common practice in planning for people affected by applications to be ignored?

The council need to put this application on hold and re look at the objections from a non-biased point of view and if all the councillors use the Eastbourne auction rooms then their fellow councillors at Lewes should look at the application.

The residents of numbers 44,48,50,52,54,58 and 62 all back on to the site and made objections .