We CAN help to make the world 
a better place

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Helen Burton ?7 Food Budget SUS-150605-161026001

When we are talking about extreme poverty in other countries we can make a difference by giving a monthly donation to charity, sponsoring a child or giving time to a project that is working on improving situations of extreme poverty. When disasters occur around the world our donations DO make a difference. When we hear about terrible situations across the world it’s easy to turn the TV off and feel helpless. I’ve done it myself. We can’t fix all of the world’s problems at once, but we can help by paying attention. There are plenty of non-government organisations that are working on the big problems, and you can help them by donating money or time to their cause. Sign petitions, become members, write letters, talk to your MP. We can’t do it all but we can do something! At a local level take an interest in your parish, district and county councils. Get to know your neighbours, join local groups, take an interest!

The ‘transition’ movement encourages us to make our local economies more stable and sustainable by growing food locally, finding our own local solutions to producing and saving energy, offering environmentally friendly transport ideas and creating a better, greener environment for us all. The idea is to create sustainable communities now that could become self-sufficient if a global crisis occurs, such as oil becoming depleted. If there is an oil crisis, as oil and gas are essential to modern agricultural techniques, food prices could rise substantially.

Even without a global crisis, making our communities more sustainable just makes sense. If you want to know more about our local transition movement you can visit their website www.eastbournetransition.org and you can follow them on Facebook too at Transition Town Eastbourne.

On September 26 the group has organised ‘The Big Swap’ event at Community Wise, Ocklynge Road which will be about creating a sharing economy in Eastbourne. There will be lots of stalls, projects you can get involved with and swapping information and ideas.

Other important events coming soon are ‘Seedy Sunday’ on September 6 at Leaf Hall, 10am – 5pm. It is Eastbourne’s annual seed swapping event with lots of stalls and fun activities for kid.

The next date for your diary is the local Friends of the Earth meeting on September 8 at Eastbourne Town Hall, 7pm. This meeting will also include a discussion about the new Real Junk Food Project in Eastbourne and more people are needed to get the project up and running so if you want to get involved please do go along, non-members are welcome! People are working hard to make Eastbourne a better place to live, so get involved!