Was it April 1? Long may we get these entertaining opinions!

From: David JayGrange Road, Eastbourne

Thursday, 9th January 2020, 4:00 pm
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It requires quite a commitment and a degree of masochistic pleasure to read some of the opinions sent in from your readers (perhaps some will find that the case with this letter!).

Two letters in your December 27 edition had me gasping, laughing and wondering if this, your last edition of the year was indeed April 1!

The letter ‘well, we won’t be coming back’ click here to read combined with ‘it’s time for an English Brexit’ click here to read made me think some of your readers are living not in the 2020, but in the 1920s.

The first letter sent from ‘us girls’ praised the old ‘Wish Tower café’ over its ‘lardy dardy posh nosh establishment’ replacement that is Bistrot Pierre in that you could get a nice plate of egg and chips, rather than what the writer obviously thought was French rubbish.

I had to check that there really was a Cemetery Road in Sheffield, from whence this diatribe came before realising this author was a real person and not a satirist spoof writer.

Mr Fox-Walker, quoting Shakespeare’s Richard II was another, somewhat hilarious but certainly bigoted rant against the rest of the world.

Long may we get these entertaining opinions, whether in Private Eye or the Eastbourne Herald.

I am reminded of that 1920s Times headline - ‘Fog over Channel, Continent Isolated’. Brexit may be imminent but, look closely and you will see the continent still remains on our horizon.