Under Ground theatre closure is a great loss to Eastbourne

From: Elizabeth Muir-Lewis Vice chair Eastbourne Arts 
Circle, Manor Way, Ratton

Friday, 13th September 2019, 10:54 am
Under Ground Theatre Eastbourne SUS-151109-104952001

I was glad to see a letter last week about the Under Ground Theatre, a much lamented loss to our town.

Nobody knew, or knows, why the council closed it, and closed it so abruptly, so that many events that had been booked had to find, at the last minute, somewhere else to perform (myself included).The theatre provided a wonderful venue for so many diverse events, it was well run by volunteers, and presented a mixed programme year after year that was the envy of many people. So closing it gave us something else to take its place? Evidently not. It went on to be very prosperous? Instead is not functioning. It announced a plan that was very similar to the Under Ground Theatre,’s which made one wonder why on earth the council changed horses! And where did those plans go? Did it get going, provide Eastbourne with an exciting programme? Of course it did not. For two years it has lain empty.Maybe it’s too late to bring back the old company. I hope not.