UFOs and the Paranormal with Malcolm Robinson: Ghosts, they are not always what they seem!

Don’t laugh at something just because it sounds and looks ridiculous, it may only be a matter of time before its mystery is finally revealed to us.

I mentioned that ghosts and not as cut and dried and plain and simple as you might think, there are many variations to a ghost, and I hope that in this short article you will see exactly what I mean. So what do I mean when I say that there are many variations of ghosts? Well how about this.

There are sightings of ghosts that are aware of you, that will look at you and maybe even follow you!

(a) Bizarrely there are some ghosts that would appear to be aware of furniture in the room and will even navigate past that furniture.

(b) Then there are ghosts that are not aware of you and may even walk straight through you or any furniture in the room!

(c) Then we have what’s known as ‘Stone Tape Ghosts’ which we’ll come back to in a future article.

(d) Then we have what’s known as ‘ghostly mists’ or spirals or vortexes of mists, is this evidence of ghosts or something more mundane, again we’ll come back to this.

(e) One of the big talking points of late concern those ghostly orbs.

(f) We also have the phenomenon known as Tulpu’s.

(g) We also have what’s known as ‘Crisis Ghosts’, an explanation of which will shortly be forthcoming.

(h) Yet another aspect of ghosts are the ‘Anniversary Ghosts’, Ghosts that are seen on specific days of the year. More often on the anniversary of their death.

(i) There are even more types of ghosts some of which I’ll come back to shortly.

So as you can see, there is quite a substantial difference between ghostly sightings, they are not all the same and this is what makes ghost hunting so interesting, the fact that we are dealing here with a number of possibilities. As stated above and its best that you the reader fully understand the complexities of ‘ghostly appearances’ OK, what I’d like to do now is make you fully aware of what ghosts are not.



There is what’s known as simulacrum or otherwise known as paredolia, this is a name for seeing things in a different way, in other words, looking at something of which the brain misconstrues that something into making you think that it’s something else!

For instance, you may look at the clouds in the sky and for a few fleeting moments the cloud you are looking at is the exact same as a man’s face or you may look at the flames in a fire which for a few seconds take on the shape of a dog. There are so many instances of people seeing things which really are not what they interpret them to be.

I’m sure you’ll remember the famous case a few years ago of Mother Teresa’s face being seen in a cinnamon bun. Our brains are hard wired from birth to recognise faces and many people have been fooled into looking at something and seeing something that really isn’t what they think it is, this is why any researcher worth his or her salt must ask all the relevant questions and ensure that what the witness saw they saw.

Don’t let us ever forget the simulacrum for it makes up (at least to me) many ghost and UFO photos.

Of course ghostly photographs can work both ways (as well as other UFO and Paranormal photographs) what I mean by that is, the photographer who is taking his photograph (of whatever) may not see anything untoward through the viewfinder at the time and when the photo is developed, lo and behold we have what appears to be a ghost or some other strange anomalous effect.

Alternatively the photographer can take a photo of an anomalous ghostly object/thing that he clearly sees with his own eyes and yet ‘nothing’ comes out on the camera, so as we can see, we are clearly dealing with something which does not have a clear component of structure and this is what makes ghostly photographs all the more intriguing.

And let us not forget the fact that not all that comes up on the developed film may be a ghost, it could be the result of a camera fault or of extra light getting into the lens of the camera making a halo effect or lens flare etc.

There are a hundred and one things that can give rise to ‘false images’ being misconstrued as a ghost, so let us not lose sight of that fact.

What amazes me is the many categories of ghosts that we have, obviously we are dealing with something entirely different due to the fact that some ghosts can see you and others cannot, what are we to make of this?

In my next article, I’ll be looking at other possibilities on what could fool people into thinking that they’ve seen a ghost. Till then sleep well.

Malcolm Robinson (c)