UFOs and the paranormal with Malcolm Robinson: Ghosts of Beachy Head

East Sussex, like many other places in the British Isles, has also felt the presence of ghosts and in this my second column I’d like to share some of these spine tinglers with you.



One of Sussex’s most beautiful areas is also one of the saddest. Beachy Head near Eastbourne has been the scene of numerous suicides over the years. So many deaths have occurred here that it isn’t any wonder that the place has been witness to numerous ghosts.

Records state that a mysterious black monk has been seen in the area. Most reports have him standing at the foot of the cliffs, beckoning to those at the top of the cliffs to jump to their deaths - whether this has any true bearing on the actual deaths of those who have jumped, we’ll never know.

Furthermore there have been sightings of a lonely female who walks to the edge of the cliff looks around for a short while, then just suddenly throws herself off, an action it would appear, that she seems to do on a regular basis if witness reports are to be believed.

Then there is the sighting of what is believed to be a local farmer’s wife who whilst holding a baby in her arms, walks calmly towards the edge of the cliff and then throws herself off.

What is it about this place that people want to end their lives? One thing’s for sure, even after an exorcism conducted at Beachy Head way back in 1952 which was attended by over 100 people held beneath large wooden crosses this wasn’t enough to stave off the curse of Beachy Head.


Eastbourne in East Sussex has also seen its fair share of ghosts and ghoulies, take for instance the A22 road. At Willington Junction a number of people have reported witnessing a woman who suddenly steps out into approaching traffic as if she intends to lose her life only to completely disappear.

Needless to say many a driver has had a shock not just at the woman jumping out in front of their car, but moreover when they go and check to find out if the woman is OK they find that no one there. Could this be the ghost of a woman who allegedly lost her life in a terrible road accident back in 1923? If so, then she is causing more accidents from afterlife!

As humans it’s in our nature to be scared of things that we don’t currently understand, more so when it’s to do with the paranormal. But what about ghosts that are annoyed with us? Our next case takes us to the Chapel Studios (a converted nunnery) in Belmore Road Eastbourne.

Strange as it may seem local rock band, Cobra, got more than they expected when they started to play their own brand of music which they say is a combination of Led Zepplin and Metallica.

Guitarist Clive Rodgers has been quoted as saying, “There is nothing nasty or unpleasant about our music. It’s just no-nonsense new classic rock. But every time we crank up the volume and really get things moving, we can hear these female voices singing hymns. It’s really eerie but only happens when we are belting out something loud and proud.”

Chapel Studio owner and band member of Cobra, Vince Von Bastrum, 38, said: “It’s very bizarre. It’s a high-pitched sound which can be heard over the band, no matter how loud they play. I have heard it myself and the funny thing is it doesn’t happen with my other clients working with more relaxed music. It’s just Cobra’s rock that seems to set it off.”

Is it really possible that the ghosts of some nuns are taking offence at today’s music? Pretty bizarre if you ask me.


In closing I would ask that if you have in your possession what you believe to be a photograph of a ghost or a UFO, or indeed if you have had what you believe to be a paranormal experience, then I would be interested to see and hear about them. I can be e-mailed at malcolm.robinson@jpress.co.uk

Till next time.